The Fatal Strand | Chapter 3


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Orbs of darkness glared out from Miss Veronica’s haggard face in place of eyes.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Remaining Fates defend me from zombie Veronica! This chapter probably would not have been as memorable had the heinous apparition gone up in flames, but as it is she just keeps going, ‘frazzled – all crispy like.’ Thanks Robin, I hate it, and I’m going to have that image in my head for days. Murderous animate corpses, brr, you can keep em!

Matt’s Thoughts: I can’t work out whether Mr Jarvis freaks himself out with the darkness of his own concepts or chuckles with glee at having come up with something else to freak out his audience. Whatever the motive, it’s effective!

Veronica’s reanimated corpse wreaking havoc is just plain creepy and highly effective. And this is just Woden sending a message? Again, only a few chapters in and there’s simply no feeling of safety that this tale will play out in a safe dependable way.

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