The Fatal Strand | Chapter 14


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

With a shake of its splendid antlers, the beautiful creature began to walk majestically down the corridor, with Edie riding high upon its back and Gogus trotting cheerfully behind.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: This is one of Tick-Tock Jack’s most nightmare-inducting iterations, for sure. The greasepaint, the outfit, and then (oh no!) the Spear of Longinus, as if we hadn’t seen enough of that last book. Mister Dark was never, at least in my opinion, so deeply grotesque, but I think Dark would approve of Timms’s trick with the taxidermy. (Plus, have you guys heard howler monkeys? Imagine a mouldering version of this chasing you down that darkened passage. Yikes, yikes, and thrice yikes!)

Matt’s Thoughts:  I must admit, I quite appreciated the detail that the exhibits are simultaneously falling apart while also coming alive. In other words, they don’t turn into real monkeys and tigers, they turn into animated mouldy taxidermied figures.

And the combination of the stag, Gogus and Edie – really good. Edie has been such a strange little character so far, that to get a glimpse of her potential power is quite jaw-dropping. We can finally see the next generation of the Nornir in her.


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