The Fatal Strand | Chapter 16


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

And in that rousing instant, his heart was determined.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: What a shame that Woden has ended up right down at Least Fun on the Jarvis Villain Scale. The pageantry of this chapter, the blazons and gleaming artistry of war, are ever so evocative and compelling. The relationship between Thought and Memory is really quite entertaining, and the deference with which Memory is treated really shows us Woden’s side of the battle for Quoth’s allegiance – in the days of Askar, Memory was a lord among ravens, second only to the Gallows God himself. No wonder Woden seeks to beguile him back into his service, and no wonder Thought was so outraged in The Raven’s Knot when Quoth defied him.

This trilogy is full of the juxtaposition of the glories of the past with the decrepitude of the present. Woden, like the Websters, was once magnificent; Thought and Memory were once revered. Now Thought is dust, and Memory a balding, beleaguered husk, silenced by the power of his once-doting master. Perhaps, however, the shabby banner that Quoth flies for ‘Squire Neil’ is really nobler than all the vivid pennants of Woden’s force.

Matt’s Thoughts: Robin, is there no end to the misery you will inflict on your characters? Quoth – easily the most lovable character from this book – and you take away his power of speech?

And we’ve got TEN MORE CHAPTERS for you to do more bad stuff to your characters? Who or what is going to be left standing at the end of this trilogy?


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