The Fatal Strand | Chapter 17


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘The prophecy tells us that the Paedagogus shall be the saving of us.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: It’s rather heart-wrenching to see Edie have this sacred time in the past with the Websters as they once were, but that scene is also necessary to show how she, too, is connected to Nirinel, and to expand upon the mythology of the Nornir. Trust Robin to shatter that magical peace, however, and catapult Edie back to the museum prematurely. She had just met Skuld, her mother, and almost got to see the Loom of Doooooom. Bother and drat it all!

Matt’s Thoughts: I know they’re somewhat tired, but I always love the concept of ghost hunters and exorcists. They’re the characters that show up mid-way through a haunted house story and their function is that they help us, the audience, feel a bit braver. They’ve seen all the bad stuff before, and so when everyone else is freaking out, they know the words to say, or the incantations that are necessary.

Pickering is a bit of a comedic spin on this, because clearly his concept of what can happen in a haunted house is absolutely not up to the reality of what is going on in the Wyrd Museum, and yet he braves it out anyway! But cold coffee is a different thing. Are the ice giants back?

Phenomenal scene with the younger Norns and Edie, as they start to set us up for the finale. It’s interesting to see that the Gogus – who, if you have the original front cover looks very much like the monster of the piece – is quite possibly going to be the hero of the finale. As always with Mr Jarvis, first appearances can be deceiving.

Finally, I’ve got to say, that the time-shifting nature of this book is starting to do my head in a bit. Not that I can’t keep up with it, but there are so many different flashbacks to different eras, that it’s starting to unsettle the feeling of location. This is somewhat unusual for a Jarvis book which – despite anything else going on – will usually have a very strong sense of location and time period. But both those things are constantly shifting.


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