The Fatal Strand | Chapter 18


Warning: Contains Spoilers!


Aufwader’s Thoughts: I once jokingly referred to our esteemed author as ‘Robin ‘Kill ’em All’ Jarvis’, but I had forgotten that that ominous phrase had root in this trilogy. I daresay that nickname is well deserved – with the protection of Durath negated and even the museum itself turning against them, who of our small and motley band of heroes will survive the coming onslaught? I’m holding out for Neil, at least. That kid can survive anything.

Matt’s Thoughts: I loved this chapter, because it more or less sets up the rest of the book as being a classic haunted house story – from here on in, the evil things lurking around the corners are going to break free and attack. There is also the masterful bottom drop-out when we find out that Pickering has inadvertently (we assume?) gotten rid of the last thing that could hold back Woden’s evil forces. And we’ve got what, a quarter of the book left? This is going to be a long night, folks.

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