The Fatal Strand | Chapter 22


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘This is a time of bloody conflict.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: It really is unnerving to see Ursula go the way of her sisters, if only momentarily. In this finale she has been a kind of last bastion of leadership and guidance – frankly, if even Ursula is going doolally, what hope do any of our heroes have?

Worse, the truth comes out about her relationship with Woden, revealing that not only did she imprison her sisters and force them to spend an eternity yoked to the Loom, she also sought to spoil the happiness of Verdandi and her Captain. Or is there more to this little Askarian love triangle than The Raven’s Knot and Ursula’s ramblings would have us believe?

Matt’s Thoughts: Such a fascinating visual concept, which I can clearly picture in my head. They’re essentially walking through a forest, but with elements of the Wyrd Museum around them to give them (and us) our frame of reference.

But raises questions as well – how long before Pickering reveals himself? What is he waiting for?

And I know that our heroes are a cut above the bad guys and don’t go mercilessly slaughtering people if they can help it, but I do feel that incapacitating Jacks Timms just a little bit more might not have been a bad thing.

But then again, Woden made the same mistake and left him there as well, so if it turns out that Tick-Tock takes out the Gallows God, then really the Allfather only has himself to blame on this particular occasion!

Finally, I was tormented by Quoth’s body being paraded around like that, how is poor old Neil coping with this? I feel like this is going to need a long epilogue where everyone left standing is in counselling.

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