The Fatal Strand | Chapter 24


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

So was the horrendous Destiny that Miss Ursula Webster had woven for him fulfilled …

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Spittle being dragged into literal hell was very satisfying. So was Nathaniel Crozier being dissolved by his ex, and Mister Dark being mulched by the tentacles of fiends from the deep. But the gleeful sadism of those fates is nothing, nothing, compared to Jack Timms’s well deserved, not-before-time demise beneath the rails of the London tube.

Good grief, Mr Jarvis, what a death! How Urdr must have giggled when she wove that into the great tapestry. It says much for Neil that he feels the pangs of pity even now, but I’m with Edie on this one – good riddance to Tick-Tock and his wretched tormentor. May even the rats disdain his bones!

Matt’s Thoughts: Final show-down with Tick-Tock, as expected. Still, the brutality of his final dispatching caught me off-guard. How did Mr Jarvis get all this stuff past the editors? I can understand Neil’s sense of pity at the end. Grim stuff indeed.

However, it also takes us into uncharted territory with the novel. We’ve got a few chapters left and Woden, Websters and Jack are all gone from the story. So it’s down to the kids and the Frost Giant now. How will this work out? And where does this leave the future of the world?


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