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From the Uplifted Isles of Englandia, we now descend, returning to that old, familiar and best-loved lair; the sewers of Deptford. Here we have the other unfinished Robin Jarvis series besides Intrigues of the Reflected Realm – the mysterious and oft-overlooked Deptford Mouselets. Though marketed to younger readers and sadly disregarded upon release, do not be misled by this series’ unassuming appearance. Behind the curly title font and fluffy-looking 3D models lies a dark well of tyranny, bloodshed, and ancient heathen lore.

In this, the first of two books to be published in what was conceived as a quartet, we move in nose-by-tail with the rats of Jupiter. In the crooked grots and twisting tunnels where the likes of One-Eyed Jake and Black Ratchet gasped and died, we will get far more acquainted than we ever wanted to be with the growling, snivelling, cackling subjects of the Lord of All. We will earwig their arguments, raid their putrid and oozing larders, gloat over their plundered spoils, and of course, grovel with them before the Dark Portal.

But fear not, O kind and gentle Rereaders, if such a prospect strikes horror into your Green-fearing hearts. Not all denizens of the underworld delight in cruelty and slaughter …well, at least one doesn’t, and it’s her fortune we’re going to be following, so that’s all right then.

Fleabee’s Fortune is available second-hand from pretty much everywhere, but in this case I’d use it as an excuse to annoy the staff of your local library. Where there are libraries, there are little rotters young readers like we once were, for whom the Deptford Mouselets might be just the grim and grisly initiation they’ve been waiting for.

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