Fleabee’s Fortune | Chapter 5

FleebsWarning: Contains Spoilers!

The crimson eyes flashed in the portal and with that, their fears were forgotten. 

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Ah, what a heartwarming chapter. So nice to see the rats of Deptford bringing up their young’uns proper, teaching them their bad manners and putting the fear of Jupiter into them at a suitably formative age. It brings a tear to my eye to see those wan little milksops turn to the path of tooth and claw so readily, ensuring that blood will flow in the underground for another generation. Sure, I’d always rather they turned to Sarpedon the Mighty, but it makes me proud all the same.

Speaking of blood flowing in the underground, it occurred to me that the infamous ‘bloodlust’ which Morgan brings to the City rats in The Final Reckoning was maybe more than just metaphor. Perhaps, having been so saturated for so long in Jupiter’s malevolence, Morgan unwittingly acquired a smidgeon of his Lord’s mesmeric power? It’s one explanation for the sudden and dramatic change in the City rats, anyway.


Matt’s Thoughts: I love that this chapter – in true non-spoilery fashion – doesn’t give you any hint of Jupiter’s true nature but if you do know all about Jupiter, then it’s extra thrilling.

You get the idea that it’s not just sheer force of personality that made Jupiter become God of the Rats. He has a dark, malevolent streak of magic that inspires hatred – it’s compelling stuff.

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