Up Next | Whortle’s Hope


Summer has come to the Northern Hemisphere, and what better place to spend our holidays than in goode olde Fennywolde.

Whortle’s Hope, the second of the Deptford Mouselets series and the last to be published, follows poor, doomed Whortle Nep of Crystal Prison fame in the blissful and carefree summer before his death. In this, a pastoral horror shamelessly masquerading as a friendly mouse adventure, we follow Whortle and chums as they compete in the Fennywolde Games for the position of Head Sentry.

More than a quaint rural custom is at stake here, however. Our mousey heroes will also have mysterious encounters with inhabitants of their fair field far older and wiser than they, discover their blood-soaked heritage, come a cropper with various ancient evils, and generally be scared out of their wits.

Whortle’s Hope is surprisingly rare in the UK, but can still be found secondhand at all the usual places with some digging. Definitely bother your local library for it though, in my experience you’re more likely to find copies there than online.

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