Fleabee’s Fortune | Chapter 11

FleebsWarning: Contains Spoilers!

Screaming at the tops of their voices, the ratlings went charging along the ledge after the squirrel. 

Aufwader’s Thoughts: I’ve had a lot of moments in this project where I’ve just wanted to hug a Robiny villain and kiss them on both cheeks like a proud aunt, and I’m definitely feeling that with Morgan in this chapter. Sometimes, having cameos of best-loved old favourites from an original series in a spin-off can come across as pandering, but honestly even if it was pandering here, which it isn’t, I wouldn’t give a squirrel’s tail. The rats of Deptford are such a bunch of snorting, snaggle-fanged, sour-snouted scumgripes that you’re kind of forced at peeler-point to love them, and I for one never tire of their raucous, bloodthirsty ways.

Crispy squirrel-ear, anyone?


Matt’s Thoughts: There’s a level of black comedy in this chapter, isn’t there? The gloriously revolting description of the rat feast, the rat wives and their decorations, playing ‘Ticks’ with real ticks. It’s all quite amusing.

But then there’s the reminder that all the young rats have to go out and kill a squirrel. The Mouselets in the series might indicate that this is aimed for a slightly younger audience, but there is no stopping the bloodthirsty nature of the Jarvis nniverse!

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