Whortle’s Hope | Chapter 2

Scan_20180702Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Down on the ground, Todkin and Samuel stared up admiringly. Breathless with anticipation, they watched their friends tear up the oak’s mighty trunk until the leaves hid them from view. 

Aufwader’s Thoughts: There’s definitely a slightly smug undercurrent to this book. I’m sure I read somewhere that Robin always hated the sickly escapades of Enid Blyton, and I can well believe that. From the goofy sporting hijinks to Whortle’s gang with their passwords and dens, it all honestly feels like a giant send-up of The Famous Five, and I’m rather enjoying it.

Since we’re all fully aware that both Whortle and Hodge are for the chop, and that Alison Sedge will end up a raving vagrant after almost becoming a sacrificial victim in a deadly fire ritual meant to restore Jupiter, Lord of All, to life, it is very, very hard to take the happy little capers of the young mice seriously. We can’t help but shake our heads at their antics, tut loudly, and mutter about how it’s all downhill from here.


Matt’s Thoughts: It’s been so long since The Crystal Prison (over a year, rereaders!) that I’d forgotten the sheer joy of the location. Unlike Deptford, which is always sinister and Whitby, which is atmospheric and a bit creepy, Fennywolde is all sunshine, light and potential for happiness.

Throw in some skylarking, a vomit gag, the sultry Alison Sedge, and we’d almost think it was going to be a coming-of-age story about a bunch of teenage mice…

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