Whortle’s Hope | Chapter 17

Scan_20180702Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Who would have thought that silly Twit had that sort of speed and skill in him? 

Aufwader’s Thoughts: It’s very sweet that Twit gets to win an event, and an interesting whisper of his future. Of course he won’t earn the respect he deserves until next summer when he’ll stand up to everyone for Audrey, but this is a little hint that maybe Twit didn’t go from ‘zero to hero’ overnight – maybe some of the the Fennywolders where starting to see him differently long before the events of The Crystal Prison, even if the majority didn’t catch on until later.


Matt’s Thoughts:  Nothing much to say about this chapter – it’s pretty self-explanatory! – except that it is an interesting reminder that Twit wasn’t all that well-respected back home. (Well, everyone called him Twit, so what does that say?)

So as much as he was out of place in Deptford as the proverbial ‘country mouse visiting the city’, in many ways, it was that trip that brought out his heroic side and made him who he was. If he’d never visited, would people have known what he was capable of? Would Twit have known himself that well? All of this helped pave the way for him to one day be the King of the Field.

One thought on “Whortle’s Hope | Chapter 17

  1. I’ve always found Jenkin’s response here to Figgy’s taunts about his father truly heartbreaking. Though he suffers so much abuse at his paws, he still sees Isaac as being in the right and will defend him no matter what. Robin’s portrayal of Jenkin as an abused child is chillingly realistic; for that reason, in many ways I find this situation even more frightening than the supernatural threats the characters face. Knowing how it all ends makes it even more horrible.


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