Dancing Jax | Chapter 23


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘And yet everything in that fantasy has its own rationale,’ he said rubbing the back of his neck. ‘It has its own internal logic. In fact, it makes more sense than most orthodox religions.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: A harrowing chapter, as Martin and Carol try to understand the change that has come over Paul and both get it ‘so very wrong’. We see exactly what Paul meant in the previous chapter when he pointed out how Martin is so quick to accept supernatural threat in his sci-fi shows, but is so determined that the real world be rational and explainable, that he has failed to notice the paranormal evil taking place under his nose. And now it’s too late for his own step-son, and soon the whole of Felixstowe will be engulfed. And what then?

Matt’s Thoughts: Mr Jarvis keeps up the steady stream of references to religion, to the state of England, even to the modern encroachment of technology – I quite liked Gerald’s highly quotable line, ‘It’s splendid they’re reading something other than emails, isn’t it?’

But we barely notice this because of the realism with which he paints the trauma of Martin and Carol. They do everything worried parents would do – ring friends for advice, go to the doctor. But there does not seem to be any easy cure for the Jacks addiction. (And it is an addiction – there is something creepily addict-like about Paul’s lamentation about his lack of a copy of Jacks. And when he turns violently on Carol at the end? Heartbreaking.)

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