Freax and Rejex | Chapter 18

sodding punchinellos i hate em

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Jesus!’ he cried. ‘They’ve got guns!’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: An incredibly tense chapter, and a horrible contrast to the farce of Chapter 15. There is certainly a wild chase over the lawn involving a Doggy Long-Legs, but the context could not be more different, or more dire.

When he was first introduced, I said that I hoped Marcus would have his own character arc and begin to show some endearing qualities, and now he demonstrates both brains and courage to help a fellow prisoner in need. Sadly, that may not be enough to bring an end to the Punchinellos’ reign of tyranny, and with firearms involved, there can only be worse in store.

Matt’s Thoughts: This little escapade of Marcus’, while only to deliver water, is the first thing to (mostly) go right for the kids since they’ve arrived. (And I did find it rather amusing that the Doggy-Long-Legs got nicknamed Gnasher.) So it offers us a glimpse of hope.

But it simultaneously ratchets up the stakes further now that the Punchinellos have their guns. I can’t see anything else going that well after this.

Also, I feel so sad for Spencer – he’s one of my favourites and to see him entertaining suicidal thoughts is tragic.

Finally, a couple more items from the Bakelite playlist: Ukulele Lady (which I forgot to link to last chapter) and Three O’Clock in the Morning.

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