Freax and Rejex | Chapter 20

sodding punchinellos i hate em

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Make us suffer, make us howl in anguish, make us wish we were dead.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: I’ve seen people complain that the middle section of this book drags, and that’s true, but there’s a reason for it. We feel like we’ve been in the New Forest for years on end because that’s what our young protagonists are feeling at this very moment.

It’s only been two weeks at most, and yet the trauma of the situation is such that it’s now difficult for them to imagine a life with more than old peelings to eat and no murderous supernatural guards at their backs. This is their new normal, as Jody said, though with Mooncaster being built in Kent like some sort of warped theme park, is there such a thing as normal in the world of Dancing Jax?

Matt’s Thoughts: A short chapter, but it’s another one of those tragic Jarvis things – Jody survives but she never realises how brave Maggie was. And in fact becomes antagonistic.

In other words, it’s not just the Mooncaster threat that is escalating but growing internal divisions as well.

However, while the story has been mainly based in this camp, it’s important to remember that a life-size castle of Mooncaster is being built and an awful lot of creatures have been Bakelited into our world. So even if these kids do escape, what’s going to be out there?

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