Freax and Rejex | Chapter 21

sodding punchinellos i hate em

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Three fat, boneless tentacles of pallid, pink, worm-like muscle punched up from the bottom of the pit.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: This chapter legitimately made me shed tears. Between Charm’s kindness, Spencer’s despair, and Marcus’s change of heart followed by his sudden death, we’ve got a veritable rollercoaster of emotions.

I think you should all be able to see now how Charm is my favourite of the teens. Her arc is not so much character growth as character reveal; she has always been this lovely, but has been forced to build walls around herself. Now the life-or-death reality of the camp has swept all her false pride and internalised self-reproach away, showing the compassionate and gentle-hearted person beneath.

What really touches me is how she goes out of her way to be kind to the girls in her cabin in this chapter, naming them sweet things and doing their nails as if it were all just a big girly sleepover rather than an interminable imprisonment from which they might never escape alive. It’s very powerful that she is allowed to retain the femininity she takes so much pride in, while also having more backbone than any of the others in the main cast. Charm is a sparkling pink star of strength and kindness in the fetid black swamp of a world ruled by Dancing Jax, and I’m proud of her.

Matt’s Thoughts: No need to go into endless detail, but here we go again. We get a personal breakthrough for our characters – in this case, the beautiful solidarity that Charm shows with Maggie by drawing a moustache on her face – that leads to a bit of healing.

Only to be wiped out by some giant tentacled thing that takes out Marcus. Who expected him to be the next one?? I certainly didn’t the first time I read it. And even then, it caught me by surprise this time around how quick and sudden the Marshwyrm’s appearance actually is.

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