Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | Freax and Rejex

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of Freax and Rejex are as follows: 


REGGIE TUCKER  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 1) Reggie Tucker, age 12, was gunned down by brainwashed police in an unknown English suburb after having been on the run for three days. Betrayed to the ‘jaxxers’ by his aunt, he resisted bravely till the last. May he rest in peace.

SIR LUCIUS PANDEMIAN  (Freax and Rejex, Chapter 5) Questing knight of Mooncaster, Sir Lucius defeated the fearsome Lamia, imprisoning her in her tomb. He perished in the attempt, but one of his ears was preserved by Haxxentrot the witch – to the aid of Columbine, kitchen maid of the White Castle, many years later.

CHRISTINA  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 3 – Freax and Rejex | Ch 10) One of the younger children brought to the New Forest to be imprisoned, 7-year-old Christina became attached to Jody and stayed close to her at all times. On the night of the May Cup nightmare, Christina was taken over by the spores of Austerly Fellows, who used her corpse as a vessel to spy on the doings of the other young people in the camp. She was eventually ‘vacated’ and allowed to find rest, but it is unknown whether she was ever buried.

JIM PARKER  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 6 – Freax and Rejex | Ch 13) The first casualty of the New Forest interment camp, 12-year-old Jim was impaled upon a Punchinello’s spear while he attempted to protect his fellow prisoners. He was buried in the camp and his remembered by all who survived to escape with Martin Baxter. His grave marker reads ‘Here lies Jim Parker – hero’.

PRINCESS TELEIN OF THE DANU  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 16) A royal maiden of the old peoples of Mooncaster, Telein encountered Lee on the night of her wedding, which also turned out to be the night of her death. Send to marry the Marsh King, Telein was instead consumed by him as every other princess of the Danu before her. This remained a source of great trauma to Lee, who tried to save her and was unable.

ANCHU THE PUNCHINELLO  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 15 – Freax and Rejex | Ch 21) One of the grotesque and sadistic Punchinello guards assigned to the New Forest camp, Anchu was killed by the nameless horror which erupted from beneath the earth as a side-effect of the Ismus’ many summonings from Mooncaster. Anchu was not mourned by his fellow guards, and his presence has disappeared from the annuls of the Dawn Prince’s kingdom.

MARCUS  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 6 – Freax and Rejex  | Ch 22)  Originally from Manchester, Marcus was taken to the New Forest with his fellow ‘aberrants’, and became a true friend to Maggie, Lee, Charm and Spencer during his imprisonment. He was killed after his escape tunnel disturbed an unknown beast from Mooncaster which had crossed over of its own accord. His body was not recovered, but Maggie kept his possessions and raised a grave marker in the camp for him. He is remembered most fondly of all by her.

CHARM BENEDICT  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 6 – Freax and Rejex | Ch 25) A strong and good-hearted girl from Bolton, Charm had dreams of fame and fortune before Dancing Jax took over. During her time in the New Forest camp, she became friends with Maggie and Spencer, and something more to Lee. She cared for the young girls who were imprisoned with her, and they looked up to her as an older sister during their terrible ordeal. Charm suffered the worst demise out of all who perished in the camp, which out of respect to her memory will not be recorded here. She is remembered with love by her mother, and by Lee and her friends.

MAYNARD HANKINSON [JANGLER, OR, THE LOCKPICK]  (Dancing Jax | Ch 13 – Freax and Rejex | Ch 29)  Gaoler of Mooncaster, devotee of the Candle Faith and one-time Ipswich solicitor, Jangler was devoured by the Marsh King during a bitter fight with Lee after a long reign of terror in the New Forest camp. Raised to worship the Dawn Prince and devoted to Austerly Fellows from a young age, Jangler guarded Fellows End and the Fellows estate until the Ismus returned to take control of it, and served his Lord faithfully thereafter. Following his gruesome and deserved demise, all mention of Jangler was erased from Dancing Jax, and now only the Ismus recalls that he ever existed.

ALISDAIR  (Freax and Rejex | Ch 6 – Freax and Rejex | Ch 29) An ‘aberrant’ brought from Edinburgh, Alisdair found solace from a Jax-infested world in his musical talent. Though he found it difficult to trust the other young people and was distrusted in return, he was a friend to Jody during her suffering, and his heroic self-sacrifice allowed his fellow prisoners to finally escape. Defiant to the last, Alisdair is remembered as someone who made a real difference in the battle against the evil of Austerly Fellows.





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