Dark Waters of Hagwood | Chapter 7

dwhWarning: Contains Spoilers!

‘Little knife, where have you been? What sights have you seen? Do you know Meg? What long-lost dream did you spring from?’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Peg-tooth Meg and the sluglungs keep being described as these vile slimy horrors, but to be honest I find them quite endearing. Their way of speaking is unlike any other constructed language I’ve come across in fantasy of this type, and really just smacks of Robin having his usual Fun With Words. As for Meg herself, what, or who, is she really? It’s plain as day she hasn’t always been queen of the underworld. Is she like Telein of the Danu from Freax and Rejex; of a people who once lived above ground and were cast down? Or is she something yet more mysterious.

Matt’s Thoughts: I do wonder whether Robin would have become a linguist if he wasn’t an author. His interest in accents, speech patterns and colloquialisms has always been a stand-out feature for me. And so now here we have the sluglungs, with their own fractured form of English. Plus phrases like ‘shobble and mooty’! (I can only begin to wonder what the etymology of that phrase was.)

The first time around, I did not see it coming that Finnen would turn into a sluglung, but it’s a great plot twist!

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