Dark Waters of Hagwood | Chapter 22

dwhWarning: Contains Spoilers!

“Clarisant,” he said lovingly. “Come back to me. Reclaim who you were.”

Aufwader’s Thoughts: First of all I really like this chapter’s header illustration. It’s one of my favourites in this trilogy, because it’s so – and I know this word is overused but I really mean it – cinematic. You can really feel Clarisant looking out of Meg’s eyes and remembering her life before she became queen of the under country.

As for Rhiannon’s entrance, I must say I was sort of expecting her to zap the werlings with her Troll Witch Powers Of Evil and was a little disappointed that she didn’t. I mean what’s the point of being Mistress of Darkness if you can’t zap things, and have to rely on a smarmy talking owl and your useless henchguards? Roslyn Crozier needs to give this witch some lessons in showing one’s enemies what’s what from the tops of cliffs while laughing villainously and such.

Still, as I’ve said, there’s a whole other book to go. Maybe Rhiannon is just biding her time.

Matt’s Thoughts: If you think about it, Peg-tooth Meg is almost like a Gollum character, isn’t she? She started life as something much more normal, but circumstances transformed her physically and mentally, and drove her to live far beneath the earth.

Though Gollum never really had the power to do much more than be either pitiable or aggravating. Knowing how to strategically flood a battlefield is much more of a Meg specialty!

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