Fighting Pax | Chapter 12

Scan_20180725 (3)

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Behind them, the firestorm roared through the half-open barrier and came raging down the tunnel.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: What really struck me in this chapter were the moments of humanity. Doctor Choe’s idolisation of Marie Curie. Eun-mi saying goodbye to her father. Spencer being reunited with his stetson (honestly that hat has been through more adventures than Indiana Jones’ fedora). And Gerald, brought round not by friend or foe, but by Evelyn, his other half. I knew she wouldn’t let him lie around in corridors.

Matt’s Thoughts: There aren’t many spots in a Jarvis tale where you can throw in a huge, Bond-movie-scale car chase – and even less likely one with a raging fireball pinging down the tunnel behind said car. And yet, the man managed to do it! I like to think Robin got not a small bit of satisfaction in managing to work this epic action sequence into the Dancing Jax story.

But then again, one of the interesting aspects of this trilogy is its multi-genre nature. It has had elements of thriller, horror, fantasy, soap, social commentary. So why not a big military action set piece? Oh yeah, and martial arts! I’m so glad Eun-Mi is along for the ride.

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