Fighting Pax | Chapter 15

Scan_20180725 (3)Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘We’re up to our necks in shadows, Spence, but you can’t have them without there being a bloody big light on somewhere.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Honestly, the fact that Spencer, Eun-Mi, sand Gerald actually make it to the UK alive is in itself proof of some sort of force for good out there somewhere. The exploding mountain is bad enough, but the plane ride? The complete absence of security or safely regulations? The two old ladies pedalling out into the Atlantic? Absolutely horrifying. Robin doesn’t ever actually say ‘billions upon billions of people are dying gruesome deaths all around the globe and smiling while they do’ – the implication is enough!

Matt’s Thoughts: And, miraculously, as if in answer to my existential questions from the previous chapter, it is Gerald who believes in God. Who holds out hope that as bleak as all these goings-on are, there is some hope. It remains to be seen how his optimism plays out, but for the first time in this book, someone has offered a chance of something bigger going on. He’s such a great character.

Of course, in this chapter, you could just like Gerald for being clever enough to one-up Eun-mi by sneakily emptying her gun! It’s a humorous moment in what is otherwise a visceral representation of a world gone mad. What’s fascinating is that the Jaxers, while they don’t take part in crime, theft, etc. – though that is arguable, when you see the way they treat aberrants – have clearly lost any care for humanity (thus the plane crashes and other assorted horrors).

In other words, if the world’s crime rate has lowered, it isn’t because humankind has became less selfish, but more because they have a new object of selfishness – the Mooncaster world.

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