Fighting Pax | Chapter 17

Scan_20180725 (3)

Warning: Contains Spoilers

‘Have a care. There are other dangers than the shepherd here.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: So the cracks begin to really show in Austerly’s perfect, twee little world. The goodly folks of Moocaster are at each other’s throats even more than usual, there’s a Healing Ruby at large, and Lee seems to be getting nowhere fast, even on his patched-up leg.

Speaking of Lee,  the language he uses toward the Jill of Hearts in this chapter did raise my eyebrows slightly. All recent trials and tribulations considered, it does still seem a little out-of-character of Lee, ever vocal with his respect for the women in his life, to be spouting judgement calls at the Jill – even if he is aware that ‘that’s just how she was written’. I would expect him to curse out Austerly Fellows instead for leaning on 1930s misogyny, but then, perhaps even the Castle Creeper is not immune to the hostile new atmosphere of Mooncaster.

Matt’s Thoughts: Quite peculiar. For the first time, Lee seems openly welcomed (by some) but only because he’s hear to take out the Bad Shepherd.

But it is also clear from the myriad of little dark subplots that this is a far more dangerous version of Mooncaster than the one we have known. None of the regular rules apply. I love the surreal nature of Mooncaster as it starts to transform. Everything is pointing towards a vast collapse.

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