Fighting Pax | Chapter 18

Scan_20180725 (3)Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Soon the White Castle rang with the wrathful clashing of many swords, as battles to the death between the four Royal Houses erupted.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: The talking fox was just another interesting addition to Mooncaster lore the last time we met him, but now he’s positively pivotal, and in a way that nobody would have suspected. Everything in this bizarre fairytale hellscape is layered with myth upon symbolism upon allegory, and so we find ourselves asking – if the Bad Shepherd is every prophet and the Dawn Prince is literal Satan, who is the talking fox? I’m inclined to see a red-haired (or furred) trickster and leap to all sorts of conclusions, but I love that this, like so much about Mooncaster before the Ismus’ takeover, is never answered.

Matt’s Thoughts: I don’t remember all this mayhem the first time I read this but possibly because there is so much craziness in one chapter. The chaos that is taking place in the real world as everyone migrates to Kent is mirroring the chaos in the fantasy world as the paradise of Mooncaster turns sour.

Lee’s goal keeps shifting rapidly as well, causing extra confusion. One minute it’s getting to Haxxentrot to find the ruby, now it’s back to slaying the Bad Shepherd. That said, it’s not all bad – I won’t complain about another appearance of the talking fox!

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