Fighting Pax | Chapter 20

Scan_20180725 (3)

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

In Felixstowe, the sea and the sky were an angry red. Across the harbour, Harwich was ablaze and the immense pall of black smoke kept the dawn at bay.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: By far the most frustrating thing about this finale is that nobody knows anybody else is alive. Martin and Maggie and the other aberrants still think Gerald and Spencer died in North Korea – Gerald and Spencer themselves don’t hold out much hope for the aberrants, and absolutely nobody seems to have given Lee a thought since he got pulled into Mooncaster with his four guards. But then I suppose that’s the point – if the aberrants knew they still had friends out there, things might not seem so incredibly bleak, and we wouldn’t have these profound moments of humanity in a world

Matt’s Thoughts: I had forgotten about Eun-mi’s back story. That was somewhat more messed up than I expected and will make look twice at grand pianos from now on…

Only slightly more messed up than nativity costumes for the aberrants! I know young kids being thrown into brutal situations is the norm in YA nowadays, but this whole thing still feels like a level darker than the average dystopian vision.

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