Fighting Pax | Chapter 23

Scan_20180725 (3)

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Like a determined hen with chicks, she led the girls to the secret entrance in the wall and the boys followed closely, keeping the angry crowflies at bay.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: I love Maggie in this chapter. I mean I love Maggie at all times anyway, but the way she looks out for Charm’s girls and faces off Yikker is nothing short of heroic. (Also, her move with the scissors has got to be one of the goriest and most well-deserved deaths in Robin Jarvis canon.) Now that our two groups of protagonists from books 1 and 2 have finally met up properly, we must ask – will any of them get out alive?

Matt’s Thoughts: It’s such a solid chapter of action that it’s easy to forget that this chapter (along with the last few) have included some spectacular computer-generated illustrations by Robin of Mauger, the crowflies and even a particularly nasty one of Yikker. The level of detail put into them, given that they just show up as black-and-white images is quite spectacular. You can see them in full colour at his website.

There’s a grim irony to all the characters being dressed up as characters in the Christmas story but then getting fed to wild beasts. A nod to the early Roman Christians and the lions perhaps?

Whatever the cultural references, it’s always the characters who are front and centre in a Jarvis book and this is no exception. How kick-arse is Maggie in this chapter? All round icky and horrifying situations and she got out of all of them. I love her resilience, even when there is no logical reason to keep on going.



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