War in Hagwood | Chapter 12

wihWarning: Contains Spoilers!

‘If you love him as I does, then bear the little lordling far from this evil place.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: And so Rhiannon’s subjects learn the full extent of her perfidy. Only now does it become apparent what a heavy burden the Wandering Smith must have had to shoulder all those long years. Did he know that Morthanna murdered her own mother in an attempt to snuff the life from her own sister? Did he guess that the dread High Lady was in league with the troll witches?

Then at last, a moment of heroism for Grimditch, albeit executed with the utmost reluctance. How in the serpent’s name(s?) will he keep the child from harm in the dark world that is unfolding?

Matt’s Thoughts: Just as Sacrifice was the correct serpent for the werlings to pick, so it seems to be the path through this book. Gabbity rises to the occasion and gives the sort of noble sacrifice we’ve come to love in Jarvis books. Grimditch also shakes off his silliness and becomes a hero.

As dark as these books get, I do feel like there is an undercurrent of optimism in the Jarvis world that we can become better than who we are currently.

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