War in Hagwood | Chapter 9

wihWarning: Contains Spoilers!

‘It is mine,’ she whispered to herself. ‘I, Morthanna, have won—at last.’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: Well, that’s that then. Goodbye to any hope the werlings might have had of unlocking Rhiannon’s casket with the key. Goodbye, it seems, to any hope they might have had in general. With the High Lady ascendant, Prince Tammedor dead, and the rest of the werlings about to be slain in their homes, it seems as if times could not possibly be darker for old Dunwrach. And yet, to paraphrase Mr Jarvis himself, we’re only half way through, and there’s still this much left to go…

Matt’s Thoughts: The last time I saw this much backstabbing was watching Seven Psychopaths recently. I think I made the comparison with Mafia films a few posts ago but usually in a Mafia film there is some logic to all the violence – this person betrayed that person, that person was disloyal, etc.

But I’m not sure there is any logic to Rhiannon’s violence. She probably could have kept Waggarinzil onside and he would have made a fearsome henchman. Instead, he’s brutally dispatched as soon as he’s not useful.

I think this is what makes her one of the most striking of Jarvis villains. She just seems to like violence for its own sake. It puts her on a level with the Deptford rats despite her outwardly beautiful appearance.

Meanwhile, the key is destroyed. So we’ve been set up for two and a half books about a magical box and now it can’t be opened??

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