Regarding Robin Jarvis

15016Robin Jarvis was born in 1963, and has been writing terrifying tales of woe for children and young adults since the 80s. Despite having more than twenty books to his name, he has been heard to state on record that he did not set out to be a writer.

First and foremost an artist, he started out in professional model-making, and his first trilogy, The Deptford Mice, was originally conceived as a storyboard.  For the majority of his writing career he illustrated all his own books  and painted their covers, and the former tradition is one which he has carried on right up to his most recent series, the Witching Legacy Quartet, the last instalment of which is due to be published this year.

Having lived in Deptford, he now resides in Greenwich, writing only in the deepest darkest shadows of night, surrounded by swivel-eyed and disturbingly lifelike models of his characters. Generally, he prefers to lead a more mysterious existence than most writers these days, but he has been known to attend the occasional book festival, and even go on tour.

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