Mr Jarvis’ Book of the Dead | The Fatal Strand

Gravestones at Whitby abbey
In this post we record for posterity and remembrance the names of all those who have fallen to the fatal stroke of Mr Jarvis’ pen. Hero, villain, or neither, we honour their sacrifice for the greater myth of the story.

The deceased of The Fatal Strand are as follows: 

MISS VERONICA WEBSTER [VERDANDI OF THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ASKAR, THIRD OF THE NORNIR]  (The Woven Path | Ch 2 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 3) Slain by the Spear of Longinus, Miss Veronica’s body was cruelly possessed by the arts of Woden as she lay in state in the Chamber of Nirinel, watched over by Edie and her sisters. After a desperate struggle, Woden’s control was finally broken by fire, and Veronica’s remains lost in the Well of the Nornir.

JOSIAH ROKEBY  (The Fatal Strand | Ch 7 )  Stabbed by Mary-Anne Brindle, Mr Rokeby was a warder of the Wyrd Infirmary, and not a well-liked one. May the Lord have mercy upon his immortal soul.

MARY-ANNE BRINDLE (The Fatal Strand | Ch 7 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 13)  Having become pregnant out of wedlock, Mary-Anne was incarcerated in the Wyrd Infirmary. The tortures that she suffered at the hands of Jack Timms and the other infirmary warders caused her suffer a breakdown, and her child to be stillborn. Mary-Anne languished in the infirmary for four years before stabbing Josiah Rokeby to death. She was subsequently given to the infirmary surgeons for medical experimentation, and died on the operating table. Her soul, like those other unquiet spirits who remained in the Wyrd Museum after death, was finally put to rest at the fall of Woden and the defeat of the Frost Giants. May she rest in peace.

THE BILLET FAMILY  [INCLUDING: NED BILLET, his sisters MEGGIE and VIOLET, and his PARENTS]   (The Fatal Strand | Ch 12)  Fated to die in the Well Lane Workhouse, Ned and his mother encountered Edie Dorkins and Josh Chapman before they joined Ned’s father and sister Meggie in death. Young Ned bravely defended his ailing mother from the anger of the workhouse overseer, Obediah Hankinson, whom Jack Timms briefly possessed in order to attempt to murder Edie. Despite Ned and Edie’s courage and the aid of Durath, the Great Stag, the Billet family eventually all perished in the workhouse. May they rest in peace.

DURATH [LORD OF THE FOREST, THE FATHER OF STAGS, GUARDIAN OF THE NORNIR]   (The Fatal Strand | Ch 10 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 17) The ancient Lord of the Forest who first led the Daughters of Askar through the timeless forests, the spirit of Durath was summoned at the time of the Cessation to watch over Edie and the Nornir, defending them from Woden’s perfidy. Unhappily, the Gallows God triumphed in the end when, disguised as Austen Pickering, he removed the skull of Great Stag from the Wyrd Museum’s entrance, destroying the protective enchantments which had shielded the museum and brought Durath to life. In the time of the fall of Askar, Edie beheld the Stag’s demise, and ever after will she honour his memory as her trusted guardian, as the Nornir did.

MISS CELANDINE WEBSTER [SKULD OF THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ASKAR, THIRD OF THE NORNIR]  (The Woven Path | Ch 2 – The Fatal Strand | Ch  21) Holder of the Spindle of Fate, Celandine met her death upon the operating table of the Wyrd Infirmary. Through the arts of Woden, she replaced Mary-Anne Brindle, and the Spear of Longinus brought her immortal life to an end. The Mother of the three Fates and the liveliest of the Webster sisters, it was Celandine who would have raised Edie, and who would, if the Doom wrought for her had not prevented it, have found peace in family life. She will be remembered fondly by Edie and the Chapman family, and has joined Verdandi in the Summer Lands.

QUOTH [FORMERLY: MEMORY]  (The Raven’s Knot | Ch 13 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 21) This addled but courageous corvid did ever stand by his master, Squire Neil. Though the jargoozling shade of Woden did attempt to unearth the arrogance and perfidy of Memory from within this marlpot’s sorry head, never did Quoth yield, and unto the frightsome maw of Death was he borne before he would forsake his young master for the false conceits of the Gallows God. A happy fate was Quoth’s, however, for from the soggy depths of the Well of Nirinel was he raised, and by the felicitous powers of the Undine was he restored to life. Hurroosh for that!

MISS URSULA WEBSTER [URDR OF THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ASKAR, FIRST OF THE NORNIR]   (The Woven Path | Ch 2 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 23)  She who had sundered the threads of mortal lives since the dawn of the world was finally laid to rest beneath the ruins of Nirinel, along with Woden, her fated nemesis. Into the Cloth of Doom Ursula wove the destruction of her sisters and herself, bringing a final end to the conflict between the Nornir and the Gallows God, and allowing Edie Dorkins to take up her birthright as custodian of the Wyrd Museum. Of the Webster sisters, Ursula is remembered with the greatest reverence; by Edie and Neil as their wisest guardian, and by the descendants of Askar as mighty Urdr, great Lady of Destiny.

WODEN [CAPTAIN OF THE REALM OF ASKAR, LATER: THE GALLOWS GOD]  (The Woven Path | Ch 3 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 23)  Closest to the Daughters of Askar in ages past, Woden made the decision to sacrifice his mortality and attain Godhead, thereby sundering himself from the Spinners of the Wood. Determined to defy the rule of Fate, he returned to plague the sisters Webster in the modern world, causing the deaths of Verdandi and Skuld, before Urdr revealed that she had orchestrated even the Cessation, keeping triumph over the Nornir forever from Woden’s grasp. As ruined and decrepit as the sisters he so despised, the Gallows God eventually perished beneath the root of Nirinel, his enmity cast aside. He dwells with the Daughters of Askar in the Summer Lands, beloved of Urdr.

GALATEA [THE FIRST IMAGE FASHIONED BY PUMIYATHON, WHICH ASHTOROTH DID ENTER AND WHICH CAUSED MUCH TERROR TO THE PEOPLE OF PAPHOS]  (The Woven Path | Ch 3 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 24)  One of those most rare and frightful treasures housed in the Separate Collection of the Wyrd Museum, the statue of Pygmalion was brought to life by Miss Ursula in the final conflict against Woden. It was Galatea who lead the charge, and she also who protected Edie and Neil from the violence of Jack Timms after Woden’s demise. The statue was eventually smashed by Timms upon the steps leading down to the Chamber of Nirinel, no longer to strike terror into her enemies at the behest of any power.

JACK TIMMS [‘TICK-TOCK JACK’]   (The Fatal Strand | Ch 9 – The Fatal Strand | Ch 24) The odious head warden of the Wyrd Infirmary, Jack Timms was the perpetrator of countless crimes against the infirmary patients before Woden lured him into his service. Sadistic and violent, Timms acted as a hired assassin for the Gallows God, seeking out Edie and the remaining Webster sisters with the intent to murder them. Timms was mortal, however, and like all mortals his doom was woven by Ursula, who decreed that he should meet his end upon the tracks of the London Tube, and there die a prolonged and agonising death in punishment for his evil.

THE FROST GIANTS (The Fatal Strand | Ch 26) Ancient foe of the peoples of Askar, these terrible demons of the rotting cold were vanquished by the Paedagogus, the Wyrd Museum’s guardian spirit, as he wielded the Eye of Balor. So was the Destiny of Gogus woven by Urdr, and in his fulfilling of it the world was delivered forever from the threat of the Jötnar.

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