The Power of Dark | Chapter 7


‘Oh, far out!’ she cried. ‘That is so funky. Lookin’ good, Whitby, lookin’ good!’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: All right but I really, really hate that scene with the diorama. It terrifies me, a grown adult, so that I can’t read it over and have to zoom past that page in order to not even lay eyes on it for a second. Lordy.

That side, here’s a spooky story for you all: last summer, literally the day after I had read this chapter, a bench in the park I frequent was yarnbombed. Just one bench, and not even in a busy part of the park. It was a beautiful job too, all colours of the rainbow and very sturdy. It lasted all through the Scottish winter, and I don’t know about you, but I reckon there was magic involved.


Matt’s Thoughts: Great little creepy  set-piece with the electric chair automaton, but my favourite line of all is ‘Our Verne isn’t a wizard … it’s just his hormones.’ But then again, what would our parents have said to us if we’d started doing weird stuff like this when we were younger?

On the whole, I find this book has a more intriguing set-up than some of the others. While most Jarvis books would be in dark and dangerous territory by this stage, we have a lot of flashbacks to the past, but not necessarily anything super-life threatening in the present. But, of course, for those who’ve read the rest of the book, all of these bits and pieces become increasingly significant.


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