War in Hagwood | Chapter 18

wihWarning: Contains Spoilers!

Her eyes glinted and the malevolence that beat out of her caused each of them to catch his breath. In her face, they saw their deaths and knew they were inescapable.

Aufwader’s Thoughts: I can’t decide which mental image I like the best – Finnen actually riding on Frighty Aggie’s back as if she were his noble steed, the stampede of bristling hog demons from Nest-only-knows where turning out to be the werlings all along, the last members of the Unseelie Court kneeling before Clarisant and honouring her as their Queen, or even Grimditch turning up with the rescused mortal child and asking if Gamaliel wants to ‘be friends’ in the midst of a ferocious battle for all Hagwood. However, Rhiannon has flown off unfazed, and our tiny heroes are not out of the woods just yet. 

Matt’s Thoughts: Of all the big Jarvis battles, this just might have become my all-time favourite after this chapter. Everything was super dire at the end of Chapter 17 and then look at the reversals:

Frighty Aggie comes back to save the day!

The transformed werlings arrive!

All the troll witches are killed!

Rhiannon loses her staff!

It’s just moment after moment of bold, noble exhilaration, and I can’t help but love every second. 

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