The Myth & Sacrifice Spoiler Policy


‘Is that a spoiler I hear? Any who DARE to spoil shall serve ME on the other side of the candles!’ 

Matt here. While policy documents are normally a bit formal, I wanted to start this one with a story.

This story took place about 18 months ago. I’m halfway through Freax and Rejex (Book 2 of The Dancing Jax Trilogy, which we’ll be looking at next year). The book is absolutely blowing my mind. It’s intense, so exciting, so dark. I can’t tell what will happen next. It’s just brilliant.

Because back then there was no such thing as a website where people would blog and discuss Robin Jarvis’ books on a chapter-by-chapter basis, the only person in the world that I could think of at that time to talk to was my sister, who also still loves reading a Jarvis book. She’d read the Dancing Jax series a little before me, so I knew it would be safe to text her.

I’ve sadly lost the original texts – probably due to something like dropping my old phone – but our correspondence went something like this:

Matt: How awesome is Freax and Rejex? This book is *blowing my mind*.

Matt’s Sister: Yeah, but I can’t believe that [one of the main characters] had [something particularly unpleasant happen to them] … you had read that part, right?

Matt: Umm … no.

Matt’s Sister: Oh, sorry!

And in that manner, one of the biggest ‘AARGHH!!!  NOOOOO!!!’ moments of Freax and Rejex was completely ruined (and, yes, for those who have read the book, it was that moment).

So, to avoid that happening to any of the adventurous people who might be joining the Jarvis world for the very first time, I thought we’d just be upfront about our spoiler policy, so that we can maximise the fun for everyone:

  • Our policy will be to never spoil ahead, but in every post we will be more than likely spoiling the chapter.
  • So read the chapter before you read our posts!
  • Likewise, keep your comments and discussion to the chapter at hand. If you want to talk about something that you know will be coming up in a later chapter, save it till then.
  • If, in your enthusiasm, you inadvertently post a comment that could spoil major plot points for newbies, we reserve the right to delete your comment.
  • But we will let you know ASAP so that you can get a revised non-spoilery comment up.

Hopefully, these rules won’t be too arduous. And I’ll be honest, I envy anyone getting the chance to watch these plots unfold for the first time. It’s going to be awesome, people! I can’t wait.

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