War in Hagwood | Chapter 7

wihWarning: Contains Spoilers!

‘How come something so small could be so important?’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: This chapter surprised me the first time around, and it surprised me again on reread. Of all the conspirators against Rhiannon, I had imagined that it was Lord Fanderyn himself who might turn out to be on the side of the High Lady. After all, he’d been doing all right for himself under her reign, hadn’t he? Sure, he could have been slaughtered at any moment like the rest of her subjects, but in the meantime, it wasn’t as if he’d been stripped of his lordly status or suffered any great bereavement under Rhiannon’s rule. I fully expected he and Gabbity the nursemaid to bring down a legion of fairy guards upon the other dissenting nobles while the Provost looked on in approval, but then, that twisting of expectations is what makes this book work so well as a finale. 

Matt’s Thoughts: Now, I feel like there is almost a nod to classic mafia films in the cloak and dagger meeting that Lord Fanderyn calls. You get the feeling that everybody in the meeting is shifty in their own way, but that Rhiannon is enough of a common enemy for them all to band together.

Until the final page when we see Waggarinzil’s true character. I think what makes this so particularly brutal is that it almost negates the previous seven or eight pages’ worth of exposition we just had to read. We felt it was all getting somewhere and then BAM! (A very mafiaesque assassination, too, that one.) Robin is not letting this story end that simply!

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