Dancing Jax | Chapter 29


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

‘I am responsible for all of this. I – Emma Taylor! Blessed be!’

Aufwader’s Thoughts: We took a little break from the parody in recent chapters to focus on Martin and Paul, but the characteristic vitriol of this series comes back in full force here. Mr Jarvis proceeds to gleefully tear into various news casting conventions with his hyper-real side characters and their avaricious exploits, and nobody is exempt. From Tara with her pen-stabbing, to Lyndsay using expressions like ‘for BAFTA’s sake’ and ‘what the flaming Panorama’ with a straight face, it’s one big send-up of the British press, and it’s, well, pretty funny.

Unfortunately, it looks as if Lyndsay will never be delivering her lunchtime slot, and the only one laughing by the end of this book will be Austerly the author.

Matt’s Thoughts: While I disagreed earlier with my co-blogger’s assessment that this whole book is a parody, it definitely has a vein of black comedy running through it, of which this chapter is a classic example.

From beginning to end, it is classic British humour: taking something that should be totally tragic, the death of two young people under horrific circumstances, and turns it into a riff on TV and celebrity. I don’t believe any American could write a chapter like this one!


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